A complete package of plans, materials, budget & specs, delivered promptly to guide your successful remodel.

Remodeling can be exciting and daunting all at the same time.

You are ready for a home that is beautiful with a layout that meets the needs of your family.

You are excited to get started!

But you want a process that is organized and clear.

You want to understand how everything will look when it is all done.

You want to love it!

You also want to know how much this is all going to cost and how long it will take.

You are ready to get this done right!

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Project Coordination

Interior design

is about

life experience.












Interior design is really about listening and reading people’s true feelings. Then figuring out how to put them at ease and address their core concerns.

It’s a trust business.

Katja Rimmi Interiors
Principal Designer

Katja Rimmi

For Katja, good design starts with you as the homeowner. Hearing what you like and dislike about your home, how you live today and how you hope to live in the future, is what fuels her creativity. She loves to transform a difficult floor plan into a layout that flows. She enjoys helping you discover your own personal style and guiding you through the selection of materials to create a cohesive scheme. She also knows it is essential for your dream design to fit within your budget and timeline.

Katja has spent 25 years making complicated things simple and beautiful. After studying art and photography in Toronto, she brought her appreciation for good design to Silicon Valley. As the Director of User Experience for Adobe, Katja championed a customer-focused design philosophy. From her experience collaborating with engineers, she learned the value of a well documented design and the power of using software to prototype and visualize ideas.

For the past 15 years, Katja has combined her art & technology background along with her passion for customer-focused design into a thriving interior design business.

Project Manager

Shar Amanat

Shar knows that a good design can only be implemented successfully when the process is smooth and efficient. Using Google Drive, Shar manages our budgets, materials documentation, and order details. She works with our vendors and tradespeople to ensure that our information is up to date and accurate. As the homeowner, this enables you to stay on top of all design decisions and costs for your project. For the contractor and tradespeople, this provides critical specifications and order details at their fingertips, the minute they are needed.

Shar has an eye for numbers and details. With a background in accounting, she has honed her skills in double checking for accuracy and completeness. Shar helps us to run a well oiled machine!

Katja Rimmi Interiors

Based in the San Francisco Bay Area, 

Katja Rimmi Interiors offers interior design services for residential remodels.

We understand your hectic life with work deadlines, kids studying at home, and pets underfoot.

We simplify the complex process of creating a home you truly love.

Where you can relax, work, and play.


We serve the following cities on the Peninsula: 

Burlingame, Millbrae, San Mateo, Hillsborough, Belmont, San Carlos, Redwood City, Emerald Hills, Atherton, Woodside, and Menlo Park.

Katja Rimmi Interiors

Interior design is a team effort.

I have formed close relationships with my extended team and adore them. 

“Flat out, the best designer we’ve worked with! My management team knows when collaborating with Katja Rimmi Interiors, they’ll not only get a beautiful build, but a well thought out and organized project as well. She really makes our life easier and the finished product speaks for itself!”

Jamie VerduraVerdura Construction

“Katja is one of the most organized and detail-oriented designers I work with. I have learned so much from working with her over the last five years. You can tell she loves what she does, and her clients including myself really enjoy working with her.”

Katie JohnsonDecorative Plumbing Supply

“Katja is a designer who is detail-oriented and collaborative. As a builder, I always look forward to my projects with Katja. She keeps everything organized from the onset and on track as the project moves along.”

Rano PerrizoNorth Current Builders

"As an appliance dealer I work with numerous designers. Katja Rimmi is by far one of the most professional and detail oriented designers I work with. From start to finish she makes sure all parties involved collaborate together to make the process seamless."

Chris ChambersPresident, Davies Appliance

We recognize the peace of mind a beautiful home can bring to your family. We know that not everyone has the basic shelter and support they need in our Bay Area community. We want to do what we can to contribute toward a meaningful solution. We enthusiastically believe in the mission and services offered by LifeMoves and we support them by making a monthly contribution.

We encourage you to visit their site and learn about their wonderful work!

Katja Rimmi Interiors

We look forward to hearing about your design needs for your home. Reach out with an email, text, or call. We can setup a time to connect with you to learn more about your project and to give you an overview of our services.

We can then prepare a proposal that is unique to your project.

Katja and Shar

Katja Rimmi Interiors

Telephone: 650-504-2220

Half Moon Bay


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